Monday, 6 June 2011


Do you make zines? Used to make zines? Want to make a zine? Or know someone who makes zines?
Well, if the answer "yes" applies to one or more of the questions above, carry on reading!

I would totally love for you to help me with a new little project I'm working on.
Just drop me an email ( or leave a comment and I will totally get back to you this week!

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Ruby Barclay said...

hi hi hi i'd love to be involved!!!! i'm working on a colouring book zine myself (it's taking forever) and i like other zines a whole lot too!


Hello Ruby
would be sweet if you could get involved ... couldn't find your email address ... just drop me one at
Cheers xx

Samantha Bell said...

I'd LOVE to participate! I have just initiated a zine that I plan to distribute, and I subscribe to other bloggers' zines. My email address is!

Start Today said...

Hello! I'd love to contribute! You can find some examples of my zines on :) My email address is :)

Lovely! Hope to hear from you soon

Chloe x

Isobel Kho said...

Whoops only just seen this, only made a couple of my own so far but would love to do more :)

My email is

Thanks! x

elizafricker said...

If you'll have me.. I am an illustrator and have just started selling my first zine. My website is my blog also has a piece eon my zine. I hope to hear from you soon. Eliza

AmoMaymo said...

I'd love to start a zine, and i'd love to help out :D

whisk82 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

all the people above I have now emailed xx

charlotte lucy said...

ah, just seen your email adress in a comment above. now i feel very stupid! if you want anything from any of my old little books you are more than welcome to them :)


fehmida said...

Hello - I'm very late to this though I hope not too late! I write in zines and have just begun one :) Would love to help out if I can in any way.


Sheeta Li said...

Hi Barbara, I'd love to be involved and contribute. I'm currently working on a zine. Is there a deadline at all? I hope I'm not too late in messaging you.



fehmida + sheeta please drop me an email to and I will get back to you next week!
would be great to have you on board

scarlett rebecca said...

Just seen this linked on twitter, is it too late to get involved? I'd love to make zones, I have so many unfinished ideas for them :)
My blog is and email

Scarlett xx

Lizzy/egg said...

I've written a few zines and run marching stars distro (
distro (AT)

tricky said...

I'm working on my first ever, and it's fuuun :D
I'd love to know more about your project :D

email me at