Thursday, 29 September 2011

I thought it would be cool to start blogging on the go, as I spend a lot of time travelling places these days. And I get too many thoughts to keep track of  and when I sit down I forget it all.
Above are two zines I have made. When I screen print them - I make all the artwork on one a1 sheet and then cut it in half to create two single sheet booklets and slip them inside eachother to create a mag. Its a really cost effective way of making things. As the big sheets cost 14p each from Atlantis.
Also I think they make cool posters. If you know me and want one for your room - ask me when you see me and I'll hook you up.


Anonymous said...

Hook me up lil lady!!

Anonymous said...

By the way that was^ lauren goddard my phone won't give me an identity. :)

charlotte lucy said...

what lauren said!!

and we really need to grab a coffee sometime!