Friday, 2 December 2011

Urban Outfitters are pretty cool and they put me on their "gifted+talented" feature - hahahaha. Copied the text below. Cheers UO xxx

Introduce yourself!
I'm Barbara Ryan and I'm 19. At the moment I'm living with my friends in South West London. I love going to the seaside, dancing, making my own dim sum, and cycling along the harbor with my dad in Rye.

Where do you go to school?
I've just started studying graphic design at Kingston University, which is the most fun ever, so far!

Tell us about your fanzine, BFR Mag.
The first issue was made when I was 15 and just playing around with putting all my thoughts in one place. I remember reproducing 10 copies and bringing them into school, choosing really carefully who to give them to and leaving them in 7" records in shops. Then I just wanted to make more and more issues - I must have had a lot to say. BFR comes out when it's ready; it's nice not having pressure for deadlines. It lets you refine your ideas. But when my friends start nagging, I do try and knock an issue out faster!

How do you choose the topics for each issue?
Whatever is on my mind! I think my zine is quite self-indulgent to be honest, embarrassingly. Most of the spreads are just pages from my sketchbooks. But I love collaborating with my friends. There's nothing more exciting than putting really rad work by my mates in the zine and sharing it with more people.

Describe the process behind hand making a zine.
1. Deciding content
2. Collecting content
3. Agreeing format
4. Printing
5. Distribution

What is your next issue about?
The next issue is number 19. It's the first time the issue has been the same as my age, which I think is exciting. It's going to be brush and ink, and will be small enough to fit in your back pocket.

What are your top five favorite zines?
1. Spiller by Andy Rementer
2. Don't Know Yet by Verity Pemberton
3. Volcano Club by Gussy Warde
4. Rut Rut by Hattie Stewart
5. Bumzine by Anonymous

Do you collect anything?
Pressed pennies. It's quite rare that you see machines for them these days, so you gotta get a penny done if you see one. I just love how it adds value to such a small coin.

Tell us about your "self-portrait," the doll you made of yourself.
That was for my university summer holiday project. I always hate how I look in photographs so I thought it would be rad to create a model that I could use to pose for me in photographs. Visitors get a bit freaked out when they see it in my room, though.

Can you give some advice to someone who is interested in starting his or her own zine?
Do it! And make friends with someone who owns a photocopier, it will make life so much easier for you.

What's the best part about living in London?
Galleries! Most galleries grant free access, which is great because I think you need to keep revisiting art to understand it more and more. For most of my life I lived near Buckingham Palace, which was so cool because I could pretty much walk wherever I wanted to go. When you visit other places you realize you need a car or a train to get to what you want to see. It's cool to have such independence from a young age.

Where are your five favorite places to go in London?
1. YoYo at Notting Hill Arts Club for dancing.
2. Dalston Rooftop Garden for cozy film screenings in the summer.
3. The Victoria and Albert Museum for art and design. I think it's the best museum in the world.
4. The ICA Bookshop for zines and magazines, and the bar there for drinks.
5. New Loon Moon Supermarket for groceries.

Tell us an early childhood memory about drawing.
I used to leave love notes for my parents and my sister almost everyday. There are literally hundreds of them, all covered in felt tip pens, hearts, and stickers.

How would you describe your personal style?
Comfortable. I do so many errands, so practicality is important.

What are the five most unique pieces of clothing you own?
1. Gym shorts I've had since I was in junior school and still wear.
2. White wide leg trousers that are covered in pearls that I got for £5 in Nottingham.
3. Gorgeous hiking shoes I got from a second hand shop by the seaside with string laces for £2.
4. Tees and jumpers from when I was little with my Dad's drawings on them.
5. My Campbell's Tomato Soup fancy dress outfit I made when I was 15.

What's a night out with you on the weekend like?
Most Sundays I like to go to car boot sales, which involves quite an early start. So most Saturday nights are usually spent in, cooking big meals, playing records, or watching the television in anticipation of the bargain hunting the next morning!

What's your dream job?
Working in my studio on art direction on big and small projects, meeting new people, learning loads, and collaborating with my friends!

What's your life motto?
Never complain, never explain. Not sure if I follow it too well though!

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